Your Tea

If you aren’t familiar with @yourtea you have to check them out! This 14 day Liver Cleanse is amazing. It can balance your hormones, clear your mind, give you clear skin, help you lose weight, improve digestion, help with headaches or body pains, increase your energy and more! Our bodies are so much happier and function better when they are clean. This detox will flush out the liver keeping our gut happy and our digestive system in working order. The Your Tea Liver Cleanse is lactose free, gluten free and VEGAN friendly! It is also free of artificial flavors and additives. The tea has a wonderful taste and the bag material is even natural! Order your cleanse today at you won’t regret it!

I love to add a little bit of lemon to my tea. It will help clear your skin along with the detox. Enjoy!
Love & Light,

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