Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are amazing little creations, I still use mine on a regular! A yoga block will give you stability in difficult poses allowing the body to open up and expand to the fullest in your positions. With a block, you will be able to hold a pose without overstretching, the block will also help you stay in alignment. You will find the more you practice that you will be able to hold poses much longer with a block, allowing you to build up your strength and really focus on your breath. yogablock4_amazon
There are so many poses that you can use yoga blocks for. A few that I enjoy using them with while standing are poses like triangle, side angle, standing split, balancing half moon,  downward facing dog, standing forward fold and wide legged forward fold. You can also use yoga blocks while doing your floor work in poses like hero or seated forward fold. Some people even like to use them in child’s pose for neck support. You would do this by resting your head on the block. I really enjoy adding in toners to my workouts as well and the blocks can be used as a great tool for these. One example is to place the block in between your knees and squeeze it tightly, interlace your fingers behind your head, take a deep inhale in and as you exhale bring your head and knees together remembering to squeeze that block. Yoga blocks are very inexpensive. You can find them at Walmart and Target for only a few dollars. Pick one up today and try it out!
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Here are a few examples below.
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