Why Use Orange Oil

Out of all the essential oils that I use, orange oil is definitely my favorite. I use it for meditating, for scent in my diffusers and place it on my essential oil jewelry to inhale all day long. But this oil has SO many amazing uses and benefits. Check them out below!

1. Immunity Enhancer- Limonene, which is a monocyclic monoterpene that’s present in orange peel oil, is a powerful defender against oxidative stress. Orange oil even has cancer-fighting abilities, since monoterpenes have been shown to be very effective chemo-preventive agents against tumor growth.

2. Natural Antibacterial- Orange oil was found to prevent the proliferation of E. coli bacteria. It can also inhibt the spread of salmonella bacteria since it contains powerful antimicrobial compounds.

3. Kitchen Cleaner- Orange oil has a natural fresh, sweet, citrus smell that will fill your kitchen with a clean scent. When it’s diluted, it’s a great way to clean countertops, cutting boards and appliances without using harsh chemicals.

4. Circulation Booster- Orange oil is a natural remedy for high blood pressure and improves blood flow while fighting hypertension, some f the biggest risk factors for heart disease. It may also be useful for improving libido, reducing pain from headaches and lowering PMS-related symptoms.

5. Anti- Inflammatory- Out of all of the inflammatory oils, orange oil has shown the greatest reduction in inflammation.

6. Pain Reducer- Orange oil can help turn off inflammatory responses that increase swelling in tissue, relieving muscle, bone or joint pain. Orange oil promotes a more positive mood, which is useful for raising pain tolerance and helping you get better sleep when you are sore or uncomfortable.

7. Mood Booster- Orange essential oil has a direct effect on the olfactory system of the brain that quickly evokes emotional responses. It balances hormones. Orange oil is said to be uplifting and calming making it a great scent for brightening your mood in the morning and calming your nerves after a long day.

8. Skin Saver- It contains high levels of vitamin C that can help protect and heal skin. It is also beneficial for dark circles and fighting signs of aging like wrinkles since it promotes the production of collagen.

9. Acne fighter- It is effective at fighting bacteria and inflammation on the skin that can lead to acne.

10. Natural Mouth Wash and Gum Protector- Orange oil has the ability to fight microbial growth and that can protect teeth and gums from infections. It can ease a sore throat when gargled with salt and water. Can also be used to reduce cold sores and mouth ulcers by swishing it in your mouth with water.

11. Digestion Booster- Orange oil can promote better digestion and ease cramps or constipation. Improves detoxification if it is ingested. It also helps draw out toxins, excess sodium and waste from the digestive tract.

What do you think after reading all of these benefits and uses for orange oil? It makes me want to go and order more orange oil! Radha has fantastic oils if you are looking for some reasonably priced oils. They also sell oil diffusers and if you like the scent and want to wear it all day look take a look into LavHa to place the oils on and keep close to you all day long.
Have a great day everyone!
Love & Light,

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