What Kind of Salt Should I Use?

We always hear the saying…”salt is so bad for you” or “limit your salt intake” but did you know you could still have the salty foods you crave depending on the specific kind you buy and it may not be entirely a bad thing?

With our normal table salts the minerals are lost due to the purification process. It can cause high blood pressure when consumed in excess, the iodine is artificially added and it includes ant-caking compounds. But as an alternative to table salt give pink himalayan salt a try! This salt retains all the essential minerals and electrolytes, promotes restful sleep, regulates water content, has air-cleansing properties, promotes healthy PH levels in the body, contains natural iodine, improves circulation AND it’s a good source of magnesium! The pink himalayan salt aids in proper metabolism functioning, prevents muscle cramps, strengthens bones, lowers blood pressure, helps the intestines absorb nutrients and dissolves and eliminates sediment to remove toxins. I will use pink himalayan salt anyday over table salt. It even tastes better! Go and get yours today! You can also look into pink himalayan salt rocks for your home! These can be used to clean indoor air, reduce allergies and improve your mood. They are fantastic. I have them all around my house and they aren’t expensive either.
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