WBOC Appearance

Last Wednesday was one of the most amazing experiences ever. I made an appearance on WBOC tv- DelmarvaLife to spread my love for veganism and share my vegan lifestyle with all of their viewers. I was so nervous! But it literally was one of the most rewarding things i’ve done so far. I shared two of my all time favorite recipes- Chickpea Tuna and Vegan Carrot Dogs. One of my favorite parts of the segment was when Jimmy and Lisa tried the carrot dogs. I personally don’t even like carrots all that much but this recipe is amazing and really does make the carrot taste like a hot dog with the marinade it soaks in over night. Their faces when they took their first bite were priceless! I also couldn’t help but smile when I saw Jimmy going back to the chickpea tuna bowl numerous times. Most people think vegan food is just so plain, no flavor or all we eat is salad… when in reality its the complete opposite. We make baked ziti, lasagna, chili, spaghetti, tacos, vegan seafood, burgers, chick’n tenders, wraps the list goes on and on. I am also a sucker for sweets so I love to make vegan cheesecake, peppermint patties, fudge, rice krispy treats, tasty cakes and more. The possibilities are endless. I would love to see everyone atleast incorporate 1-2 vegan meals in their diet just to see if they notice a difference in their energy levels. With teaching so much, I need to keep my body fueled, so I am a perfect example that it does just that! Check out the segment, try the recipes and let me know what you think!
Much love to you beautiful souls!
Love & Light,


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