Vitamins For Women 20-40

I came across this picture today and decided to share it with you. Since it’s the beginning of a new year why not start it off with being the healthiest you can be. This goes right down to vitamins. A lot of people don’t even know what they should be taking on a daily basis. Here are a few that are great for women to start with ages 20-40 years old.
Vitamin A supports good vision.
B6 boots your immune system as well as regulates mood and sleep.
B12 is one that I need as a vegan from where I lack it in meat but this vitamin also maintains your nervous system and regulates metabolism.
Vitamin C protects your eyes and immune system, aids heart health and prenatal health as well as fights wrinkles.
Calcium is great for healthy bones and teeth, aids weight management and fights PMS.
D3 supports bone health and fights against chronic diseases. Also aids in weight loss.
E lowers heart disease as well as cancer risks. It supports skin beauty and reduces hot flashes.
Folic Acid reduces risk of birth defects and lowers risk of hypertension.
Iron boosts energy, helps oxygen flow in your body and supports your immune system.
Magnesium supports all organs in the body. It also lowers risk of chronic diseases.
Omega-3 Is for a healthy heart. bones, skin and hair. It is great for helping with fertility.
Try taking these vitamins daily for a week or two and let me know how you feel!
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