Vegan BLT Pasta Salad and Acro Yoga- WBOC Appearance

img_2235-300x200I have such a great blog to share with you today. I was invited on a show in Salisbury Maryland (WBOC-TV DelmarvaLife) on Monday to hold a vegan cooking and a yoga segment. I had such a blast. I love sharing recipes and my love for yoga with others. Jimmy, Lisa and I made a fantastic Vegan BLT Pasta Salad. Most people are usually surprised with the fact that you can make coconut chips or flakes taste just like bacon. All you need is pure maple extract and liquid smoke. They are so much healthier than bacon because you don’t have to worry about the high cholesterol content.  I explained on the show why I love using lentil or chickpea pasta over your standard pasta noodles. The pastas made out of beans are so much healthier for you and actually help the body convert carbs to fuel. I love this recipe because its healthy and so easy and quick to make. Check out the full segment below where you can also find the recipe.

 Sean and I talked about a basic yoga pose- warrior I and demonstrated how to do the pose and even how to modify it. We also showed off a few acro yoga poses. I am really looking forward to holding an acro yoga workshop in the near future. Let me know if you would be interested in attending. Check out our segment below.

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