Vegan Blackberry & Strawberry Nicecream

13255962_868801193247931_9096042099068285658_nSummer is approaching and everyone is looking for the perfect “cool down” drink. Why not try a delicious vegan blackberry and strawberry nicecream? These drinks are so addicting and very easy to make.
I usually use my Yonannas maker but this time I just used a blender.

You’ll need- 
3 frozen bananas
1/2 cup of fruit (blackberries and strawberries in this pic)
1 tbsp water

-Add your frozen bananas to your food processor or blender. 
-Add 1-2 TBSP water depending on how thick you want it. 
-Blend until it is a smooth consistency 
-Add in your fruit (blackberries and strawberries) pulse until mixed thoroughly but still chunky!
-Place it in a bowl, jar or cup and top with fruit.

Pretty easy right? You will love this delicious treat. Let me know what you think after you try it in the comments below.
Love & Light,

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