Kelcie is a wonderful yoga teacher- very skilled and also sweet natured, positive and patient. She encourages you, gentle pushes you and always provides you with options of how to do a specific movement so you can  find one that suits you. Every session is different as well so it always stays fresh and interesting! And the best part- we do all this over Skype and it really works! I love  my yoga sessions with her as I feel amazing afterwards! I truly recommend working with her!


I had an amazing experience at kelcie’s yoga retreat. The women their were amazing I went in not knowing anyone and they all welcomed me. The yoga classes by kelcie were very enjoyable, she was easy to follow and make the class feel at ease. She even helped me after the classes and gave me great advice. the lodge we stayed in was very beautiful and serene it added to the whole experience. The vegan food was amazing and I felt very full and satisfied. I would give then retreat a 10/10. Thank you kelcie!!

Laurel, DE

I think the retreat was amazing!   I had no idea what to expect not knowing anyone before hand.   But you greeted me as soon as I walked in and I just felt your amazing energy  right away.   All the ladies were great!  Your family were amazing and beautiful!  I had not taken many yoga classes prior to the retreat but your teaching style sparked something in me that I now can’t get enough!   My suggestions would be have it start Friday night and end earlier Sunday,   Make smaller classes if possible, and do it again soon!  Lol!  Maybe even a one day mini retreat.  I can’t thank you enough for an amazing weekend!

Salisbury, MD

Hello, my name is Brittany Roberts. I recently attended the Core Love Yoga Nature Lovers Retreat at the Redden Forest States Lodge! This was the first yoga retreat I’d ever attended and wasn’t sure what to expect! At the retreat I was able to experience all types of Yoga (Vinyasa, Restore/Relax, 80’s Power Glow Yoga, etc.), Pole Fitness, Zumba, Hipnosis, Hip Hop Dance, Massages, Vegan Food (3 times each day), Reiki, and music and wine by the campfire! Some of these were firsts for me. Each and every one of these experiences were special to me a way that makes me feel complete! Some of them touched me deeply as well! Each and every guest that taught were all Awesome!! This retreat in itself helped me connect with myself along with others so much more! I’m much more grounded in my daily life and continue to feel more and more cleansed each day!! Thank you Kelcie Mahr for being an Inspiration to me!!

Seaford, DE

I had a private yoga session with Kelcie Mahr. She was fantastic. She was patient with me and made sure I was comfortable doing the poses. I recommend Kelcie’s services to anyone. She is fantastic.

Michelle MooreMiddletown, DE

We met Kelcie by fate! We have made practicing and attending her Yoga sessions a family affair. Every Thursday I attend her Power Yoga session. I never did a yoga pose ever! I was a little apprehensive but Kelcie makes everyone feel extremely comfortable and also talks and demonstrates every pose. Since my first session I was hooked. My aches and pains are no longer prevalent and I look forward to the time and keeping healthy every week. If I skip a week I notice the difference in my body immediately. In addition, Kelcie is incredible with the kids and Story Book Yoga. My 5 year old looks forward to Yoga every Saturday. She has an exciting hour of fun and she learns the basics of yoga poses while enjoying themes of her favorite characters. I wholeheartedly recommend Kelcie to anyone and everyone. She is a true professional and true heart. Although her session are very affordable they are honestly priceless.

Julia SimpsonMiddletown, DE

Before I tried one of Kelcie’s classes,  I was a little intimidated by yoga because I thought you had to be flexible prior to doing it. After I did a few classes I fell in love with yoga and Kelcie offered many great alternatives for the more difficult moves and poses.  Honestly,  she has completely changed my view of yoga and I’m glad I had the chance to be in her class.

Ti'Asha JohnsonSeaford, DE

Love the classes! My health has improved because of them!! AND my granddaughter LOVES the Story Yoga classes!

Diane PounsberrySeaford, DE

My Daughter loves Kelcie’s storybook yoga classes! She’s always excited to be there and has learned a lot. She’s a dancer and I’ve seen an increase in her flexibility from attending Kelcie’s classes. She makes them super fun for the kids.

Kelley CrawfordMiddletown, DE

My oldest daughter took her first class with Kelcie last summer and loved every second of it. She loved it so much that she came home that night and pretended to be Ms. Kelcie and teach her toys how to do yoga and was telling everyone all about it. My schedule doesn’t allow for me to go during the school year, but as soon as we had a chance this summer I brought both of my daughters to one of Kelcie’s classes and they had so much fun. Kelcie is great with kids and has fun themes every week that kids enjoy. She is so sweet and energetic and the kids just love her. They are engaged and having a great time the whole time. It is such a wonderful program for kids that introduces them to yoga in a fun and creative way. I would definitely recommend Kelcie’s classes and my girls look forward to coming back again soon!

Chrissy Weiss MartinezMillsboro, DE

I took both a online (skype class) and in person class with Kelcie. I am a former college baseball player who has a stressful job. Her classes relaxed me for an hour and took away tons of stress. The next day I was completely energized and ready to seize the day. I would highly recommend her class to any former or current college athletes. She is easy to work with and knows how far to go depending on your skill level. I will be taking one again very soon!

Tom VHWashington DC

I have been attending Kelcie Mahr’s yoga classes for a couple of months now. I am not a newbie to yoga but nowhere near an expert. She does a great job walking you through all the poses and has a great positive spirit. I think her classes are very good for beginners and people who want a relaxing yoga experience. She constantly changes her classes each week which helps to learn new poses and work different muscle groups. I highly recommend that you try her classes. I also plan to try her yoga dvd and her skype session in the future.

Erin BaileyMiddletown, DE

I had my first experience with yoga in the middle ’80’s & it has been a part of my life since. When I saw that it was being offered locally a few months ago I had to check it out.  Kelcie has been a wonderful instructor & with her great personality can relate to all ages. At 76 years of age my body will not do some of the poses I had done in the past but, I am happy to have an instructor that allows minimum & max for wherever our bodies will take us on each given session.

Helen PaseSeaford, DE

I cannot say enough about the Yoga class that I attend with Kelcie Mahr.  As a retiree for about a year and a half now, I wanted to get back into some sort of a fitness program, but with recent back issues, I couldn’t do anything too strenuous.  This past fall, I thought I would try Yoga, but didn’t want to be embarrassed in a class where there were mostly young and fit people who were far more flexible than I was!  I came across Kelcie’s class at the Appo Community Center in Middletown on Tuesday morning and thought I would give this one a try.  This class is perfect! Kelcie is an amazing instructor.  Her teaching style is one of patience and calmness and I feel completely at ease – no intimidation, no embarrassment whatsoever!  I also love the way she mixes up our workouts with different poses each week along with the poses that we have already learned.  She always offers alternative ways to do certain poses that may be a bit more challenging.  At the end of the class, I always feel relaxed but energized, and I know I’ve had another great ‘workout.’ I am now addicted to Yoga especially Yoga with Kelcie!  If you are a senior (like I am) and a bit apprehensive about taking a Yoga class (like I was), this is the class for you.  You will not regret it!

Debbie McVeyMiddletown, DE

I am so very grateful to have found Kelcie Mahr and her amazing yoga class. From my first class I felt encouraged and confident because of her teaching skills. Kelcie eases you into the poses based on the skill level while teaching you what you can work to attain. I feel stronger and centered after every class and look forward to the time we spend together every week.

Joanne Masterson CroweMiddletown, DE

I am a new mother to gorgeous identical twin girls that are almost a year now. I have always had health issues(I am a cardiac patient. I have had 4 open heart surgeries due to 7 holes in my heart at birth of my twin brother and I). I have always been into sports/dance/modeling and used to run 5 miles a day before I had my girls. But always have had poor eating habits due to my eating disorders and just the stresses of life. I have always been very skinny due to the eating disorders and just how my body type is. After dealing with the craziness of life I decided I needed to try and get health better and try to recovery from my eating disorders. I recently put on my weight and I am not sure where it is coming from. It is very depressing to me since I lost a lot of weight after having my girls. My doctors say yoga is great way to help get back in a zen way of life, helps with weight loss and getting healthy too. I met Kelcie Mahr online on Facebook. She and spoke for awhile before she told me about the yoga. I noticed how beautiful and sweet she is before the yoga talk started. I told her I wanted to know more and get into yoga and get healthy. I started using the yoga dvd recently due to not a lot of free time because of my girls. I have used it a few times since getting it on Christmas. It is wonderful and even know it has only been a few weeks, I feel lighter in my soul and more zen. She has helped me out with the yoga and plan to take tips from her for my eating as well. She is a very beautiful positive and sweet soul. She is a great person and from the video and what I have heard from others, she is in wonderful in her classes and really works with people. I love how in her video she shows you each move step by step. I have tried other tapes before with yoga and they seem in a hurry. I am so thankful I met her, we are good friends now and I am working with her on and off the screen with my health, mind and body.

Colleen LoweParkville, Maryland

So I’ve always wanted to try Yoga and I finally did. Three months ago (Sept. 23rd 2015) I attended a Yoga class for the first time ever… who would of thought I would of fallen in love with it! I believe the instructor had a lot to do with it also. Kelcie Mahr is an absolutely amazing instructor. She teaches in a way that everyone will understand what to do. Step by step instructions on each move and you’re never made to feel like you’re not doing something right! The feeling I got from the class was amazing! I never thought this type of work-out would make me feel so good. My body felt like it had been completely renewed. Along with my mind and soul also! I feel the best I have ever felt in my 32 years of being alive! If you have never done Yoga I strongly suggest it… it’s also a great stress and anxiety reliever. I love the new me after doing Yoga. Absolutely love being IN LOVE WITH YOGA!!!

Brittany RobertsSeaford, DE

My children have been taking yoga classes with Kelcie Mahr.  Every class has a theme and Kelcie keeps the children moving and actively doing yoga activities during the class. Kelcie’s teaching style is especially helpful for children who may have a short attention span or children who are reluctant to exercise because she makes the class fun with the stories and theme for each class. She even encourages the children to dress up for each theme. I have been especially impressed with Kelcie’s  talent and ability to work with a class full of children who all have unique abilities. It is a rare occasion when my 3 children get to participate in exercise together and one isn’t feeling left out. I have one child with low muscle tone and yoga has suited her quite well as she can easily flex and bend in to various yoga positions. Kelcie also includes activities to build up strength and endurance which is what my child with low muscle tone needs. My second child has scoliosis which has been surgically repaired. It is so important to keep her moving and she loves the music and themes in Kelcie’s classes. She is adopted internationally and still learning English , but she is able to follow right along with Kelcie who is demonstrating the exercises during the class while telling the story. My third child suffered from a stroke before birth and has hemiplegic cerebral palsy as a result. She has weakness on one side of her body and tight muscles in her right leg which causes her to walk on the toes of her affected foot . She wears a leg brace to help her keep her foot flat. Kelcie’s class has been especially helpful for her . She hates therapy and we have to give her rewards for doing her therapy at home. Kelcie’s class does more for her than any physical therapy she has received. She is building up her strength and flexibility with each class and learning new skills. We have noticed how relaxed her muscles are after each class and have even observed her walking while holding her foot down flat instead of walking on her toes after each class. My children enjoy participating in Kelcie’s classes. I have enjoyed seeing my children being able to participate in a class with other children in a non competitive activity that will help them develop strength , endurance and flexibility. No child is asked to go beyond their level of ability , but Kelcie’s class stretches their imagination and makes my children want to do more.  I love seeing my children wanting to actually exercise while participating in activities that exercise their imagination and helps them learn calming activities and to get along in a positive way with other people.

Robin HastingsSeaford, DE

I have taken yoga classes on and off since 1975 ( yes, I’m an aging hippie ) and in between classes have done certain poses continuously to strengthen my core and help with degenerative discs. Kelcie is one of the best instructors I have ever had. If anyone in class is unable to do a certain pose for whatever reason , Kelcie gives an alternative to that pose and ALWAYS offers encouragement and praise for trying. Her classes offer a fantastic strengthening workout and are also wonderfully relaxing. Those last fifteen minutes of class are the best!  Namaste!

Janice PhillipsSeaford, DE

I used to suffer from severe headaches that would interfere with my everyday life as a teacher and mother. After Kelcie showed me a few moves that helped specifically with the types of headaches I was having, they have become almost non-existent. I absolutely love the DVD that Kelcie created, and use it to relax and wind down at the end of my day. The music and scenery truly help me clear my mind and focus on my body. Kelcie is an amazing instructor, who truly cares about each person that she works with.

Lacey LeoEden, MD

To say I was skeptical about the merits of yoga is an understatement. I didn’t comprehend how challenging, yet beneficial, it could be and or for the longest time hesitated to give it a try. I always found myself discouraged by the thought of participating in a public setting and the embarrassment that would surely come from it. All this changed when I came across Kelcie and learned about the option of performing yoga in the privacy and comfort of my home. I contacted Kelcie and was swiftly convinced she offered the remedy to my apprehension, as she offered tailored sessions to meet my needs. Kelcie’s passion for Yoga was evident from the onset and correlates with her ability to effectively instruct and coach. I strongly recommend anyone interested in a gratifying, hassle-free experience, to contact Kelcie immediately. You won’t regret it!

Oscar Frank FranquezSan Diego, CA

When I first asked Kelcie to help me out by giving me a few pointers on Yoga, I had no idea she would be such an untapped resource of knowledge on the subject. From poses to functionality she really is a subject matter expert. After one session online I am comfortable introducing this discipline into my workouts. Thank you!

Gary BombaroJacksonville, NC

I have only taken one of Kelcie’s classes, but cannot wait for the next one.  Kelcie is great at explaining the poses.  I felt like I had been attending her class for years.  Kelcie is a lovely, personable, young woman that makes everyone feel at ease.  I would highly recommend her classes to anyone with an interest in yoga.  I know I will keep going back!

Kelly JohnstonSeaford, DE

I had never taken a yoga course until this month. Personally, I had wanted to try it for many years, but never thought I could properly execute the moves to be beneficial to the workout. When I heard that Kelcie Mahr was instructing a class close to my home, I just knew I had to take it, especially after seeing all her post and promotions on social media. All I can say, is wow, what a great experience it was. Kelcie was so welcoming and encouraging throughout the entire session. Never once did I feel like I was doing something “wrong”. Even if I did not understand the position being demonstrated, Kelcie would break it down step by step and make sure I was able to perform the position before moving on. I really enjoyed how she demonstrated the position, told the name of the position, and explained its benefits throughout the entire session. As the session came to an end, I knew I wanted to take her course again and continue with her regularly. Her bubbly and friendly personality sure helps you to not feel uncomfortable as a beginner and her positive support throughout the entire session left me wanting to learn more about yoga.

Meghan EudyLaurel, DE

Kelcie was truly a delight! From the first second I saw her in person with her big smile…I knew I was in good hands. She truly knows what she is doing when it comes to Yoga and in my eyes is pretty darn close to having her craft down to perfection. If you have ever thought about taking Yoga, this is a great place to start! She works with you to your abilities and focuses on what you want emphasized the most which really makes it feel unique! I will definitely be contacting Kelcie in order to get further classes! Highly recommended! Gracias Kelcie!

Alfonso Martinez Jr (Fonzie)Bel Air, MD

I have been taking Kelcie’s class the last couple of weeks and really enjoy it and look forward to getting better at it every time. She takes the time to help you if you need it but yet gives a good challenge.

Lesley BishopSalisbury, MD

I loved what she did. She is a great instructor and I highly recommend taking one of her sessions. She instructed very well and also gave the added benefits of every pose while we were doing the workout. Definitely plan on scheduling another session! 🙂

Phil McFadden-CostabileBaltimore, MD

I love yoga. Always have but as soon as I took Kelcie’s class I fell in love with it even more. She is so encouraging and explains everything so perfectly. I hope to continue my yoga journey with her and hope she will help me get certified by the end of the year. She is a big hearted yoga loving selfless young lady who actually cares about others health and active life! Thank you Kelcie for a great class! <3

Desiree PiersonPort Saint Lucie, FL

As a U.S. Marine I was very skeptical about doing yoga, but after talking to Kelcie I was surprised how much of a work out it was. I attended a one hour Skype session with her and was able to do it in my living room. To be honest there is no way I would have ever tried yoga if it wasn’t for Kelcie and her private Skype sessions. I plan on incorporating some of the moves I learned into the physical training regiment I conduct with the marines. Thanks again to Kelcie!

Clark RooksWilmington, NC

It’s been years since I’ve taken Yoga and now taking Kelcie’s class got me motivated again. I love the full body workout she teaches. I was very weak in the beginning and now I feel I’m getting stronger and toner. Highly recommend Kelcie Mahr’s Core love Yoga!

Glendy PradoMiddletown, DE

As a personal trainer, myself, I can honestly say that Kelcie was extremely professional, patient, and paid great attention to detail. Kelcie ensured that every movement I made was bio-mechanically correct, and utilized every window of opportunity to teach me the correct movements and breathing patterns, which was very comforting. From a professional stand-point, I was extremely impressed.On the not so professional side, but as a collegiate level athlete, i’m always looking for ways to gain the competitive edge over my competition. Just 10 minutes in to our first Yoga session, Kelcie, already began to open my eyes to my many weaknesses, that I never even realized. With that being said, I feel extremely confident in Kelcie’s ability to help me take my training to the next level. I never expected Yoga to be such a great workout; Whether you’re looking to tone, increase flexibility, increase athletic performance, or to train for preventative injury, I highly recommend Kelcie Mahr’s Core Love Yoga program to any athlete or any health conscious individual.

Cody RevelSeaford, DE

I’ve been going to the gym about 5-6 times a week this past year, lifting and doing cardio. But lately I felt like I hit a plateau with my workouts and have been very sore and tight. I’ve heard from several people that I should give yoga a try, that it will help me get over that plateau. So, I asked Kelcie to teach me yoga. At first I thought yoga was just a fancy form of stretching and I was kind of skeptical. Me and Kelcie eventually set up a Skype session and WOW!! I was so surprised! I worked out muscles I never new existed! My abs, my legs, and my arms got such an incredible workout. After the session was over I felt so refreshed and ready to go! Kelcie is very professional and such a great instructor. For someone that has never done yoga before she taught me a lot and made it feel easy. I highly recommended trying a session with Kelcie. I will definitely be doing more sessions with Kelcie in the future!

Jake PhillipsSeaford, DE

As someone who absolutely refuses to turn to medicines for pain, I knew that I had to find another fix for the extreme migraines I had been having on a daily basis. With limited time and expenses I knew a chiropractor was out of the question. Once I found out that Kelcie Mahr did Skype Yoga Sessions, I was eager to give it a try. With an easy waiver signed, payment made, and appointment scheduled I was even more excited to begin the session. Throughout our session Kelcie explained each pose thoroughly and pointed out the specific poses to help with migraines. By the end of the session my upper back, shoulders, and neck felt so much loser and at ease! I truly believe that the continuation of yoga will prevent my migraines from occurring and help to keep my muscles lose. Thank you so much Kelcie!

Cortney ParkerGeorgetown, DE

Without a doubt, you are going to be so impressed with Kelcie Mahr’s Core Love Yoga. I took her class and was rusty. With her guidance: I’m hooked! Highly recommend her!!

Caroline MartinMiddletown, DE

When I did yoga with Kelcie it was a great experience. I really enjoyed it and it was a great workout. It was tough at times and at the end of it I felt great. I felt sore afterwards but at the same time felt great. I recommend this to anyone looking for a good workout.

Brandon WilsonCentreville, MD

Hey Kelcie I just wanted to let you know how surprised I was to gain some balance in a short period of time in your yoga classes.  It’s an hour to clear my thoughts, get a good stretch and relieve the daily stresses.  Just getting over pneumonia and still coughing concerned me that I wouldn’t make it through class without coughing.  I was worried about disrupting the class but I made it through the class without the urge to cough.  That amazes me that I would go all day coughing and stop for an hour of yoga!  I know I am not graceful but I am looking forward to gaining more confidence and strength to hold some of these yoga positions the way they are supposed to look! I enjoy reading your informational emails.  Thanks for sending your daily blogs!

Kelly JohannsenMiddletown, DE

I’m new to yoga and I love the full body work out it gives. Kelcie is an amazing teacher and inspiration. She makes you believe in yourself. It is great taking her class.

Marian RupertusMiddletown, DE

I have never taken a yoga class in my life. I decided to give it a shot. What I found out after the first class was that I have no strength and no flexibility. Kelcie adjusts all the moves to fit your ability and each class I feel stronger and more fit. I encourage you to try it, you will love it!

Erin HitchensMiddletown, DE

So I am not one for working out. In fact, the last time I worked out was before I got pregnant and my son is now 16 months…Kelcie and I have been friends since we were in middle school so I figured if I was going to try and work out then I could do something easy like yoga. Boy was I wrong, about it being easy. I had not realized how much of a work out you get from yoga! Not only was I getting a great work out, but I was being instructed on what to do by an awesome “coach”. The whole time we are in our private (which in its self is awesome because I live in Hawaii and Kelcie lives in Delaware!) she is encouraging me and telling me that I am doing a wonderful job. Along with encouragement she pushes, if she thinks you can do a certain yoga pose or you can handle a more intense work out, shes going to push you until you say stop! Which for me, that is exactly what I need. Not only is she a great instructor and motivator, she is very patient. Some days I find our privates are longer only because I have to deal with my crazy son, or the repair man showing up to fix my washing machine, or my dogs are going crazy. Kelcie is very patient and for a mother trying to work out at home, that is exactly what I need. All in all I think what Kelcie does is amazing, and the experience you get doing a class or private with her is beyond words. I am so grateful to be able to call her a friend and my yoga instructor!!

Meagan McGinnisHonolulu, HI
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