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I hope you had the most fabulous weekend! Today I decided to talk to you a little about using seeds with your foods on a daily basis and their benefits. I just recently started incorporating seeds a few years ago and they are a great addition to your dishes! Here are your “super seeds” below.

Chia Seeds- Rich in antioxidants, lowers bad cholesterol levels, contains omega 3 fatty acids and provides dietary fiber.

Hemp Seeds- Great source of calcium, contains omega 3 fatty acids, contains vitamin A, E and D as well as has anti-aging properties.

Pomegranate Seeds- Rich in antioxidants, stunts tumor growth, tightens skin, reduces fine lines/wrinkles.

Sunflower Seeds- Contains vitamins B and E, makes skin and hair healthy and has anti-cancer properties.

Cumin Seeds- Supports prenatal development, improves digestion, relieves digestive ailments, good for skin and hair health.

Sesame Seeds- Rich in calcium and iron, has anti-cancer properties and helps with rheumatoid arthritis.

Flax Seeds- Helps maintain blood sugar, makes bones stronger, lowers cholesterol levels.

Apricot Seeds- Rich in vitamin B17, has anti-aging properties, speeds up digestion and balances metabolism.

Grape Seeds- Rich in vitamin E and flavonoids, rich in linoleic acid and polyphenol, reduces high blood pressure and its good for skin and hair health.

Pumpkin Seeds- Decreases oxidative stress, increases immunity, rich in zinc and its good for skin and eye health.

Who would have guessed that you would get all of this from something as simple as seeds? I use flax, hemp, chia and sunflower seeds on my salads and I try to sprinkle them on my foods such as rice and quinoa when I can. Sometimes I will even add a little to my morning protein shakes along with my super greens like kale and spinach. The seeds don’t really have much of a taste to them so you are more so consuming them for the amazing benefits. I am able to find a lot of my seeds at the local grocery stores such as Giant or Walmart but I also like to go to the Living Well Pharmacy to stock up as well. Try it out for a week and let me know how you feel!
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