Stress Relief Activities

I came across this picture and had to share it with you! I have so many clients that ask me for stress relief poses so activating more of your senses will only help with your stress!
To activate smell try-
Burning some aromatherapy oils
Enjoy the aroma of scented candles
Do some baking- the mixture of aromas and soothing movements
Enjoy outdoor smells from walks in the country or near the sea
Freshly brewed tea or coffee
To activiate touch try-
Squeeze a stress ball
Stroke a pet- particularly cats, dogs, rabbits
Wear soft warm clothing
Bake- enjoy the soothing repetative movements
Play a musical instrument
Have a massage
Yoga or pilates
To activate taste try-
Have a chat with someone who listens
Chew a piece of sugarless gum
Use deep breathing exercises
Repeat affirmations out loud
To activate hearing try-
Sit outside and enjoy the sounds
Listen to a favorite piece of music
Listen to some sounds; lapping water
Listen to a motivational recording
Play a relaxation cd
Listen to a radio program with your eyes closed
To activate vision try-
Reading a good book
Watch your favorite film
Engage your visual senses in painting or photography
Allow yourself to day dream for 10 mins
Use visualization techniques
Evoke good memories from looking at a memory or story board.
I hope you enjoy learning about these as much as I did!
Love & Light,

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