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I always get the questions – “Where do you get your yoga mats?” ,”What are the best kind of yoga mats to buy?”, “What type of yoga mat will keep your hands and feet from slipping during your practice?” and “What is a good but affordable yoga mat brand?”. I’ll be 100% honest. I am very picky when it comes to yoga mats that I use in my classes. Since I am using them daily I want mats that are durable, keep my hands and feet from slipping, PVC-free (some mats are full of PVC’s which is a toxic plastic with carcinogens in it), comes with a carrier so its easy to throw over my shoulder, a mat that is light but not super flimsy and a cute design never hurts! If you are in the process of looking for a great mat I highly recommend the high quality Soul Obsession Yoga Mats. This company is eco-friendly, for the bottom of the mats they use a natural tree rubber that doesn’t harm any trees and the top of the mat is a digitally printed microfiber top similar to yoga towels for a fantastic grip. Their mats always come with a sling strap which you can use and incorporate in your yoga practice for stretching techniques and they have the most adorable designs. The company also donates to and to bring global awareness and to save our planet. Get yours today at –
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