If you are a yogi or yogini, wrist rolling could be extremely beneficial to you before your yoga practice. It will loosen up tight wrists allowing you to shift smoothly into your yoga poses. Wrist rolling is very simple to do. You would place the roller on a table with your wrist lying directly on top and push the roller back and forth with your wrist. You can also use the roller for a forearm myofascial release. Placing the roller between a table and your forearm. Here you would curl your wrist around the roller, add extra pressure, then flex your wrist up and away. Repeat this up to 5 times. These rollers were made by a mother and daughter duo in the SoCal area- Jess and Jade. They are the sweetest people to work with and have actually sponsored my yoga challenges in the past. Ristroller is an amazing company to look into if you want a wrist roller of your own! They have light weight rollers that you can pack and bring with you anywhere. Check them out here www.ristroller.com .

Adding these yoga poses to stretch your achy wrists will also help with your practice.

Gorilla Pose (Padahastasana):
Come standing with your feet hips width distance apart. Bend your knees as you fold forward, bending as much as you need to firmly touch the ground with your hands. Lift your toes, and slide your hands under the soles of your feet, palms facing up, and fingers pointing toward the heels. Slide your hands all the way under until your toes can massage your wrist creases. Hold here, wiggling your toes if it feels good, for up to twenty breaths.

Chicken Dance Pose:
This can be done standing or seated. Extend the arms beside the body, bend the elbows, and wiggle your wrists up into your armpits. The palms should face out, fingers pointing down toward hips. As you lift your chest, you will feel the backs of your hands stretching out. Hold for up to twenty breaths.

Wrist Releases:
This can be done standing or seated. Reach your right hand out in front of you, parallel to the ground. Flex your wrists back, fingers pointing the ground, palm facing forward. Spreading your fingers wide, gently pull back on your thumb. Hold for a few breaths, continually softening your shoulders down your back and spreading the fingers of your right hand. Move on to the pointer finger, the middle finger, and so on, holding each finger for a few breaths. Your hands will want to scrunch up; don’t let them! Repeat on the second side. Roll out the wrists a few times in each direction to complete the stretch.

After using your Ristroller from www.ristroller.com and trying out the stretches I provided, you will be all set for an awesome practice pain free!
Love & Light,

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