Online One-On-One Yoga Instruction

Online yoga sessions are a sublime way for you to incorporate yoga into your life. Whether you are a stay-at-home caregiver, want to save on gas, or simply uncomfortable in front of strangers, my sessions are the perfect solution. Location is not a factor. I can teach anyone in the world via Skype or Facetime. You can tailor the time to suit your circumstances, and I can tailor the session to meet your individual needs. Are you stressed out, over-whelmed, and tired? Have you been suffering chronic aches and pains from tension or specific problematic areas? How is your mood, concentration, and overall health? Are you simply looking to bring a little more balance, peace and well-being into your body? When you set up your skype/ facetime session, I will teach you poses that target your particular triggers so that you are gleaning the amazing benefits you want!  After you have chosen and paid for your session/ package, as well as filled out your waiver, please contact me using the box below to exchange Skype names / information and set up a date and time to begin your journey to a healthier, happier you!


So what will I need for my one-on-one session?
• A good internet connection.
• Skype. Skype is a revolutionary program that anyone can download onto their computers and use to video chat with anyone else who also has Skype-world wide. Skype is free and easy to use. Or we can use FaceTime.
• A video camera, a microphone and speakers for your computer. (If not already built into your computer)
• A private space of comfortable temperature in your home where you can be free of distractions (kids, phone, etc.) for the duration of the practice.
• A Paypal account. Paypal is also free to sign up with, is 100% secure, and is the best way to purchase absolutely anything over the web.
The waiver located on the bottom right of the page must be signed, and full payment received, before the session can commence.
Cancellation Policy:
Notification is required 30 minutes before your session if you plan to cancel to receive a full refund.

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