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Hi everyone!
I hope you are having a fabulous day. I just started using this new product and I would love to share it with you. It’s called My Magic Mud. Its a detoxifying tooth powder/ or you can buy it in the toothpaste form like I did. My Magic Mud is a 100% natural teeth whitening remedy that will improve oral health, strengthen enamel, and detoxifies your mouth. This new toothpaste only has a few natural ingredients in it and each one plays a specific role. The activated coconut shell charcoal scrubs your teeth clean while detoxifying your mouth. Calcium bentonite clay improves the overall dental hygiene of your mouth lifting toxins out of your gums and teeth and the mint eliminates bad breath. I noticed a huge difference in my teeth after just one use. I loved how fresh and clean they felt, almost like I had just gotten a professional cleaning at the dentist. This is one of those items you HAVE to try! Most people don’t have the slightest clue that regular toothpastes put toxic ingredients in your body such as triclosan, which is a endocrine-disrupting chemical promoting problems such as ovarian, breast, prostate and testicular cancer. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a big one that you will see in a lot of toothpaste. It is linked to skin irritation and painful canker sores. Fluoride is another toxic chemical that accumulates in your tissues over time, wreaks havoc with enzymes, and produces a number of serious adverse health effects, including neurological and endocrine dysfunction. Propylene glycol is in most toothpastes as well. Its a type of mineral oil that, in the industrial grade, is used in antifreeze, paints, enamels, and airplane de-icers. The great thing about The Magic Mud is that it doesn’t contain ANY of these! Not even fluoride. The whitening factor instead comes from your charcoal and coconut oil. You can find this amazing toothpaste online at – or at any natural pharmacy store. I go to Living Well Pharmacy for mine in Middletown. Enjoy! After you’ve tried it comment below with your results! 🙂
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