Muscle Cramps

Everyone gets these annoying muscle cramps from time to time. You could be the most active person in the world or not and still have muscle cramps occur. This can be caused by using the muscle too much, straining the muscle, or dehydration. Some muscle cramps can be caused by blocked blood supply, nerve compression, or mineral deficiencies. The symptoms of a muscle cramp is basically self explanatory. The muscle will cramp up and tightens painfully. There are a few home remedies you can try to help cure these terrible muscle cramps.
Calcium- It is one of the most imporant minerals in the body. Calcium plays a main role helping with bone density and nervous system functioning. Many specialists say that calcium deficiencie are responsible for a large amount of these conditions. Try eating calcium rich foods such as leafy greens or almonds.
Electrolytes- A lot of energy drinks will advertise these. These important minerals are essential for fluid transfer and muscle movement in the body. Coconut water contains LOTS of these. I really like the mango and pineapple flavored ones.
Wintergreen Oil- If you spread this oil over your skin and allow it to soak into the skin the ingredients will have a positive impact on pain and inflammation of the muscle, which will help the cramp unwind. This oil is powerful and very effective. You can find it online or even at your local health store such as Living Well Pharmacy or The Open Cupboard.
Heating Pads- Applying heating pads to the muscle cramp can induce blood flow to the area. This will re-oxygenate and hydrate the tissues which will ease tension of the cramp.
Apple Cider Vinegar- This home remedy has many different benefits for the body. It is also rich in potassium, which is essential for the release of muscle cramps.
You can also try to stretch, drink water, apply pressure to the cramp and drink pickle juice! Next time you have a cramp try one of these remedies and let me know what you think and what worked best for you! Have a beautiful day!
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