Letting Go /Yoga Workshop- New Jersey

Yoga Workshop- New Jersey
I had such a wonderful time at the Rachel Brathen yoga workshop on Sunday in Jersey. If you don’t already know by now, Rachel is a HUGE inspiration to me. I aspire to be just like her one day. In the short time I’ve come in contact with her she has taught me so much. Our workshop was focused on “letting go”. Letting go of hurt, pain, toxic people and situations, judgement..there are so many things you can let go of. You are never truly happy until you let go . Start writing things down with a notebook and pen at home. Most of the time you start with the surface. I would be happier if… I didn’t wear so much make up. The superficial stuff. But as you start to write these things down and really allow yourself to open up you would be surprised with what you find. Maybe then you would move to..I would be happier if I let go of my insecurities. We are getting a little deeper here. At this point tell yourself it’s ok to be completely vulnerable. Maybe then you move to.. I would be happier if I let go of jealousy and or what other people think of me. Each time allowing yourself to open up more and more. I was surprised to find that as she had us sit there, staring into a complete strangers eyes telling them what’s holding us back that sometimes when you glance away because of the complete awkwardness, you are only trying to escape from yourself and it’s so true. We are never ready to face these things, we will try our hardest to try to escape them. But just let it be.  I realized that even after all this time has gone by.. I never fully let go of my broken engagement. It was such a rough time in my life. Thinking that this person is definitely the one and then all of a sudden your future crumbles in front of you. I was sick for months, dropping weight like crazy and just completely miserable. It hurt for not only the fact that the person changed completely, but that it effected so many relationships in my life that I am still trying to and hopefully one day can rebuild. I decided today to fully let go… let go of all of that pain and focus on myself. Taking that energy that has just been stored up inside me with hate and hurt and turning it into something that could be potentially beautiful for my future. I plan to put time back into my relationships and fix things that have been broken for far too long. To focus this energy back into my yoga practice and pushing myself to be the best possible version of me that I can. I want to make a difference and shed light on dark situations… there are so many people out there that need that. I want to be a role model to these young kids that I teach and kids in other areas of the world. Today is my first step. I’m ready to make it happen. Comment with what you could let go of below. What’s holding you back?
Much love to all of you!
Love & Light,
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