Kurma Mantra Singing Bowl

14141927_935689203225796_7437365349397326816_n (1)Have you ever heard of a singing bowl? They originated in Tibet and are used for meditation and are suppose to provide clarity of mind.

I just received this beautiful crystal singing bowl from Kurma Yoga and I absolutely love it. They are gorgeous instruments with the power to heal. This particular singing bowl is for the root chakra so it is tuned to the C key. The root chakra is the life energy force located at the pelvic floor. This is where we find our grounding on earth and hold emotions related to family and our origins.

When I first tried my singing bowl, I was so amazed by it. You can really tell the healing vibrations are working because the bowl gives you this amazing sense of calm.

It’s really easy to use a singing bowl.
You will want to follow these simple instructions below.
1. Set the rubber O-ring base down on a stable, hard surface. Place your bowl on the ring.
2. Hold your mallet close to the bowl.
3. Place the long edge of the mallet at an angle to the outside edge of the bowl. Begin to circle the mallet around the rim slowly while maintaining pressure. You should hear the sound increase as you circle the rim of the bowl.
4. Once you remove the mallet the sound will start to reduce.
5. You can also tap the outside of the bowl for a lovely sound.

Get your own singing bowl today. I’m sure you will love it just as much as I do!
Learn more information about singing bowls here- http://soundnature-canterbury.com/interesting-facts-about-singing-bowls-and-sound-massage/

Love & Light,

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