How To Treat Sore Muscles

Even yogis get sore muscles! I always get tight in my upper back, so I thought I would share my four favorite sore muscle remedies with you besides stretching your sore muscles.

1. Water: Sometimes the best solutions are also the most obvious. Are you drinking enough water? My body feels the best when it is properly hydrated. When your muscles are dehydrated it is more difficult for them to fully recover which can lead to soreness.

2. Nutrition: Think back on your recent food choices. Have you been indulging in sugary treats, or lacking in the fruit and veggie department? Bananas, leafy greens, and so many other fruits and veggies can significantly reduce muscle soreness.

3. Massage: Getting massages or even using massage balls/ rollers can be a great way to soothe sore muscles. I love using foam rollers on my upper back. They can be a little painful while using them but after you feel amazing!

4. Soothing Gel: Soothing gel really seems to help some people. Apply after massaging your sore muscles. I love to apply soothing gel to release any residual tension.

So next time your sore muscles seem like they are here to stay, try these tips along with your yoga routine. If you have any other sore muscle remedies feel free to share!

Love & Light,

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