How To Boost Brain Power

The truth is, we don’t use anywhere near the capacity of our brain’s processing power and just like any other muscle our brains can get out of shape and lazy at times. Why not try to do everything possible to push your brain to it’s full potential? Try these tips below to boost brain power.
Exercise- The endorphins released when you exercise can positively impact everything from blood flow to energy which can give your brain a boost. This usually happens 30-60 minutes after the end of your workout.
Celery- Celery can slow down age- related memory loss because it is packed with luteolin.
Hydration- Water is key to human health. By keeping our bodies hydrated, we encourage proper metabolic function and a balanced energy distribution throughout our cells and organ systems, allowing our brain to work at full capacity.
Dark Chocolate- Processing substances like caffeine and dark chocolate can increase short term cognition. Cocoa contains loads of antioxidants which can protect the brain from cognitive decline.
Challenging Your Brain- Doing brain teasers, crossword puzzles, and other challenging activites can stimulate the brain to access old memories and pieces of knowledge that you’ve stored away.
Bananas- This fruit is known as brain food. The potassium in bananas can keep our brains active and engaged.
Pursue New Interests- This forces your brain to adapt and think in new ways which will strengthen the network of neural connections and keep your mind strong.
Spinach- Nitrates, antioxidants and essential nutrients that are packed in spinach protect against the effects of free radicals on the brain.
Get Enough Sleep- Our bodies need rest to recuperate and recharge. Concentration, focus and knowledge are much stronger when an individual is well rested.
Reduce Stress Levels- Being stressed can flood our bodies with loads of dangerous compounds. If you are stressed, you wont be able to process and properly remember things in your day to day life.
Walnuts- Walnuts are easy to find sources of vitamin E and fatty acids which work together to protect the brain from the damaging effects of free radicals.
Turmeric- This spice contains curcumin, the active ingredient that boosts memory and cognition and it also lowers inflammation!
Listening to Music- When listening to music while performing activities it forces our brain to multi-task and remain engaged in both activites.
Laugh More Often- Laughter releases endorphins into the body. Laughter also stimulates creativity.
Try some of these and see if you feel or see any differences!
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