Health Benefits of Gratitude

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Since it’s always the time to show love, compassion and gratitude to those around us I thought this may be a good topic to discuss today. Believe it or not, there are many health benefits to showing gratitude on a regular basis. Here are seven surprising benefits to practicing gratitude all year round.

1. Gratitude can make you more patient- People who feel grateful for little, everyday things are more patient and better able to make sensible decisions, compared to those who don’t feel very gracious on a day-to-day basis.

2. Gratitude might improve your relationship- Feeling grateful toward your partner and vice versa can improve numerous aspects of your relationship, including feelings of connectedness and overall satisfaction as a couple.

3. Gratitude improves self care- Giving thanks helps people appreciate and care for their bodies. Making them want to participate in wellbeing boosting behaviors like exercise, healthy eating or going to the doctor.

4. Gratitude can help you sleep- You have more positive thoughts before you go to sleep, which may soothe the nervous system.

5. Gratitude may stop you from overeating- Gratitude replenishes willpower. Cultivating feelings of gratitude can boost your impulse control, helping you slow down and make better decisions.

6. Gratitude can help ease depression- Showing gratitude makes you participate in the “three good things” exercise — which, as the name suggests, prompts people to think of three good moments or things that happened that day. It will show improvements in depression and overall happiness, sometimes in as little as a couple weeks.

7. Gratitude gives you happiness that lasts- Gratitude is something that leads to much more sustainable forms of happiness, because it’s not based in that immediate gratification, it’s a frame of mind.

Start practicing gratitude on a daily basis. Lets make this world a better place!
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