Companies That Test On Animals

Are you aware that before your favorite skin care brands, makeup, hair products and soaps are placed in the stores for you to purchase most of them have been tested on animals? Most of the tests are performed on mice, rabbits, rats and guinea pigs. These tests can include skin and eye irritation tests where these chemicals are rubbed into the shaved skin of the animal or dripped into the animals eyes without any pain relief. I personally think this is so sad and down right cruel. Why do we have to hurt these innocent animals just to see if a product is correct? There are so many companies that DO NOT test on animals and their products are just why is this testing still taking place? So many animals are dying just so they can test these products. As soon as I found out about this testing and the companies that were doing I stopped buying their products IMMEDIATELY. I wanted no part in this. Incase you weren’t aware check out the companies below. Most of these harmful chemicals that they are using in our daily skin and body products are also ingredients that can lead to major health issues. Why in the hell do we need this in our products? We shoudn’t have to worry about using a Victoria Secret perfume or lotion and it having a link to cancer. It’s ridiculous! I love using brands such as Pacifica, Urban Decay, Kiss My Face, Paul Mitchell, Alba Botanica, Yesto and Too Faced Cosmetics. Check some of these brands out. They truly are great. I have no complaints whatsoever about them and they are all cruelty free!! 🙂
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