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So I just reveived these amazing herbal teas in the mail. They do not contain any caffine but they are so good. I’m not really a huge fan of hot tea. I’ve never really liked the taste of it unless there is a lemon thrown in there for a citrus taste but I’m telling you guys these are AMAZING!!! When you go to their website you can shop by the health benefit you want and they match you with the best tea for it. These searches include brain function, cardiovascular, detoxification, energy, hair and skin, mood, vision, teas for men, weightloss, reproductive function, musclular support, metabolic function, bladder function, joint and bone support, stress, nutrition, sleep aid, immune support and so many more! These teas contain fresh and high quality ingredients, unbleached tea bags, no genetic modified organisms, no artifical flavors colors or preservatives, 100& kosher and they are 100% recyclable. These are all the things I want to hear as a vegan and its SO hard to find teas that do all of this! Buddha teas sent me the chakra teas as well as a green tea. As most of you already know, the chakras are the seven central points of energy in the body helping to balance our physical, emotional and spiritual state. These teas are crafted with herbs that resonate with each chakra and they are empowered by the essence of crystals that also go with that chakra. These are the first teas that I have heard of that actually place crystals in their teas!! I LOVE IT! Try them out today. Head over to www.buddhateas.com and order yours. You will not be disappointed I guarantee it!!
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