About Kelcie

Since I was a young child I always had a fondness for yoga. As I grew older, that fondness flourished into a passion. While living in Florida, I found the road to veganism and it was there that I decided to not only cleanse my body, but also my soul by becoming more dedicated to my diet and yoga practices. As I deepened my yoga practice, I decided to get certified in Power Yoga. In February of 2014 I received my 300 hour Yoga Certification, and I am now teaching in-person privates, group classes, and Skype classes reaching people in all areas of the world. I encourage my students to relax, take a deep breath, have fun, laugh, and approach yoga with a light heart. ॐ





The transformation that I have made reaches beyond what my mind ever could have fathomed in the beginning. Before I used to be painfully shy in front of strangers, but now I am confident and even enthusiastic with all the new souls I encounter. The old Kelcie would look awkwardly around in crowds and become downright panicked with the idea of speaking, but now I hold my head high and relish the opportunity to share my passion with any audience. Before I began this journey, I couldn’t even come close to touching my toes. Now I am at peace with stretching muscles I hadn’t even realized existed. I struggled with having incredible low confidence in myself- always worrying what others thought and comparing myself to them. Once my journey was underway, those issues melted away and my self-esteem transformed into just that: SELF-esteem. I finally found and loved myself, and no longer concerned myself with making unnecessary comparisons. The love I have for myself now, at the age of 25, allows me to love others for their own journey, and the positive energy that I put out continues to grow and come back to me in unimaginable ways. Opening my mind to the possibility was the first step that I needed. The desire is all you require to begin. I look forward to helping you on your journey.




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