Best Herbs For Curing Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s response to injury. It works to heal wounds, but it can also play a role in some chronic diseases… It is the body’s attempt to heal itself after an injury; defend itself against foreign invaders, such as viruses and bacteria; and repair damaged tissue. Did you know just by taking a few different herbs that you could potentially cure inflammation? It’s sounds bizzar but its true! Check out how to do so below!

Turmeric- 1/2 tsp of turmeric in warm milk is an effective remedy for pain caused by inflammation.

Ginger- Inhibits the production of toxic free radicals and pro-inflammatory compounds.

Cayenne Pepper- Contains a compound called Capsaicin which is effective in treating inflammation induced pain.

Cinnamon- The active component of cinnamon inhibits the NF-kappa B protein, which is related to inflammation-induced damage.

Clove- Clove contains erugenol, which works in part by blocking the COX-2 enzyme that causes inflammation.

Garlic- Soothes inflammation and pain caused by arthritis by suppressing formation of nitric oxide and prostaglandins.

Saga- Saga contains anti-inflammatory agents like Carnosic acid and carnosol which prevents brain related inflammation.

Black Pepper- Black pepper contains a substance called piperine which is highly effective in treating acute inflammation.

In addition to these methods you can try heat-cold therapy, adding nuts and fruits more into your diet and make healthier food choices. I hope this helps if you are dealing with inflammation.
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