Benefits of Almonds

Almonds are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein, and are associated with a number of health benefits. A handful of almonds, approximately one ounce, contains one-eighth of our necessary daily protein! Almonds may be eaten on their own, toasted or raw. They are also the ingredients of several different dishes. Almonds are available sliced, flaked, slivered, as a flour, oil, butter, or as almond milk. Almonds may help lower cholesterol, reduce cancer risk, reduce your chance of heart disease, lower ‘bad’ cholesterol, protects artery walls from damage, help build strong bones and teeth, They provide healthy fats and aid in weight loss, Almonds lower the rise in blood sugar and insulin after meals, They help provide good brain function, They nourish the nervous system and they alkalize the body. I love to snack on almonds and I also put them in a lot of my dishes! Start incorporating a handful of almonds here and there into your diet. 🙂

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