A Few Ways To Catch Your Breath When Life Feels Overwhelming

Sometimes life can be extremely overwhelming and you can’t help but let it get to you. I am still in the process of blocking out this stress and taking time to really sit back and breathe. Here are some things that may help.
Acknowledge what pushed you in- There may have been an incident that set off your trigger point so we need to be aware of what triggered our anxiety and made us feel the way that we do so we are aware next time these things show up.
Notice the waves- Instead of just reacting, sit back and observe.
Look for solid footing- Always stay grounded. When you are grounded your mind is much clearer and will help you decide the best actions to take.
Remind yourself that you have a life vest- Within you is inner calmness. You just need to find a way to put it to good use. Journal, do yoga, meditaion, take a walk, go on a trip.
Flag down a lifeguard- These people have been by your side through rough times in your life. You can depend on them. Reach out to a family member, a good friend or a professional to help you weather the storm.
Instead of focusing on what triggered you, focus and trust the process of getting you back to safety. Take time for yourself, breathe and instead of focusing on things you can’t control. Focus on what is in your power now.
Love & Light,
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