50 Lifestyle Changes For A Healthier & Happier Life

Do you want to be the absolute healthiest and happiest you can possibly be? Below I have 50 Lifestyle Changes for Happy and Healthy Living! If you do these things are are guarenteed to be a happier and healthier person all around.
1. Drink more water.
2. Don’t skip breakfast. You’ll be less likely to binge on something unhealthy later on in the day.
3. Snack on some berries and almonds. Your nails and hair will thank you.
4. Take omega-3
5. Drink herbal tea. Make it a habit to enjoy your tea time- even if its 5-10 minutes in the morning.
6. Try to sneak some leafy greens into your diet.
7. Always have something healthy to snack on handy.
8. Step away from your desk, at least once every hour.
9. Eat slowly.
10. Never go grocery shopping while hungry.
11. Laugh often.
12. Practice gratitude.
13. Be kind. Always.
14. Create morning rituals you’ll look forward to every day.
15. Take the stairs.
16. Spend more time in nature.
17. Rise early.
18. Do something nice for others on a regular basis.
19. Practice self-care.
20. Diffuse essential oils- this will help you unwind and relax.
21. Never write and send emails or text messages while you are angry.
22. Remember to recycle.
23. Don’t complain. Especially when it comes to things that are out of your control.
24. Stop waiting for friday, summer or love.
25. Be more mindful.
26. Don’t waste your time crying over the past.
27. Let go of your need to be perfect.
28. Try new things, often. Do things that scare you- that’s how you grow.
29. Do more of what you love.
30. Keep track of your goals. Set new ones.
31. Judge less.
32. Know how to slow down and be present.
33. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are unique nothing can replace you.
34. Keep your email inbox organized.
35. Learn how to say “No”.
36. Nourish your relationships.
37. Practice positive thinking.
38. Dance more often.
39. Stop procrastinating. Tackle your most important tasks first.
40. Get more sleep.
41. Take a little tech-time-out.
42. Start using positive affirmations.
43. Don’t ever stop learning.
44. Worry less.
45. Listen more.
46. Edit your life frequently. Get rid of people or things that don’t serve you.
47. Appreciate the little things in life.
48. DO YOGA!
49. Once in awhile spoil yourself. Even if it’s just a cup of coffee from your favorite place.
50. Don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG!
While I was reading this, a lot of the changes are ones that I really need to incorporate into my own life and plan to do starting today! What better way to start the new year. What are you waiting for? Remember you are amazing and can do anything you set your mind to!
Love & Light,
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